The Mindanao State University Library aims to become a vibrant learning and physical space that will support  the instruction, research, community and other goals of the University.  Its services are drawn from the diverse  print and electronic resources from the Main Library,  the 17 unit/college libraries and  the digital library.  It will be a shared place for discovery, exploration and experience.

vision and mission

It is our purpose to provide library, information and archival support to the instruction, research, community and other goals of the University.

We envision to become a learning organization  that will develop capabilities in creating, collecting, consolidating and delivering information  and information services to the University community and other target clientele.


  1. To generate resources (intellectual, physical and human) and that
    will provide information support to instruction, research and community and other activities of the university.
  2. To organize such resources for optimum access.
  3. To develop strategies that will maximize delivery of services.
  4. To establish/develop legacy (special collections) that are responsive to the University charter.