The Mindanao State University Library aims to become a vibrant learning and physical space that will support  the instruction, research, community and other goals of the University.  Its services are drawn from the diverse  print and electronic resources from the Main Library,  the 17 unit/college libraries and  the digital library.  It will be a shared place for discovery, exploration and experience.


The MSU Library envisions its self to be strategic learning space that will support instructional, research, community engagement and innovative activities of the University. As a learning space, it will be a physical space conducive to teaching and learning. It will also be a social space that will enable the academic community of the University to interact with its resources and with each other. More importantly, it will be an information space that will generate/collect, organize and provide access to its increasing resources and services.


The mission of the MSU Library will be facilitate knowledge creation and information innovation in the university.

Goals and objective

The goals and objectives of the University Library will focus on following major themes:

  1. Generate/collect library and information sources in all formats: electronic, digital
  2. Organize such resources
  3. Provide access to its resources
  4. Enhance existing information System and Services
  5. Retool human resource requirements
  6. Prepare MSU as an Institutional Repository through its special legacy collections.
  7. Develop information-literate academic netizens who will be responsive.